parametric tunnel




A more complex experiment using grasshopper.

The geometry is controlled in rhino by 5 curves (the black ones) so you can change the shape of the entire structure by editing a set of control points. The size of the various grids that flow over the surface is controlled by sliders in grasshopper.



View original size

I only managed to get so far with grasshopper; the glazing, frame and fabric are made in 3dsmax by copying the triangulated geometry a few times and with a couple of stacked modifiers. If anyone knows how to sort a list of points which are the result of an extrude to point component in grasshopper then let me know..

Grasshopper wrm file. You’ll need to create some control point curves and loft them first, then plug in the loft to grasshopper.


8 responses to “parametric tunnel

  1. interesting work. thanks for publishing. I am writing to request your permission to use part of it as backdrop of my webpage.


    • thanks a lot Peter for your quick reply and also permission. can you send me your email address to discuss more about my company. I am still sorting out the domain address. will send you soon.

  2. this looks great! im an architecture student currently getting to grips with rhino/grasshopper and would like to have a play with this… when you say create some curves and loft then plug the loft into grasshopper how do you plug the loft in??

    sorry for the basic question but the form looks really interesting.


  3. Hey there. Interesting work. The Grasshopper “wrm file” was stored on which is now kaput. Any chance of getting a working link to the file or even the file itself in an e-mail?


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