Hugo Häring – Lamella Roof

A 3d diversion (away from proper work) inspired by fascinating photos on flickr by seier+seier+seier of an agricultural building by German architect Hugo Häring from the 1920s.

Modeled in rhino3d using panelingtools. The timber structural components ended up being curved which isn’t correct, and strictly speaking I could have modeled it using other methods. The trickiest part was probably working out the shape of the component. All dimensions are guessed… Rendered in 3dstudio with vray as always.

hugo häring (2)

hugo häring (4)

hugo häring (3)

hugo häring (1)

hugo häring model

hugo häring component

An example of a structure which would be much more difficult to model without panelingtools:

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6 responses to “Hugo Häring – Lamella Roof

  1. Cool model!
    Could you tell me the shape of the component?
    I’ve been trying to figure it out myself for hours… I can’t!
    Did you use the 2d or 3d pattern?

  2. can u give me the basic shape to make it because i have to do it for my history class and seriously i am lost with this .
    if there is front view for it or a pattern to make

  3. Wow, these are just mind-blowing images, great work! I’m trying to learn to use Vray this well, could you please give me a pointer of where to go for learning resources or where you learnt to use it?

    The textures seem so varied on your renders, especially the concrete, mine come out very ’tiled’ looking.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. i am currently working on a lamella structure for a natatorium project in toronto. im using paneling tools as well, but am having some trouble getting the staggered connections to work w the grid. i would really appreciate any insight.

    • hi, Brendan, sorry for delay. Peter is just so busy currently with the job load that he has at the moment.. not sure if he had a time to look at the comments.. I am sure at some more relaxed time he’ll be able to look at it. best of luck with solving your project in case u are in rush yourself..

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