Change/Time Component of a Form

/‘concrete geometries’ – a resultants of a continual actualization of the moment now/

It is suggested that a change/time is a fundamental element of a form and that it is necessary to view the change sequence as an intrinsic component of it. Perceiving change/time as inseparable quality implies that all of the parameters that are impacting a particular formation are directly linked to its basic structure and acting together.

As the change is perceived as a fundamental element of a form, than all of the factors and conditions that are impacting it, become essential to the form itself – it can not be viewed as a separate entity any longer – it becomes evident that its actual structure and the conditions shaping it along the streamlines of change/time are fused and working in essentially interconnected way.

It is suggested that changing the way in which we think about the forms to view them as inseparable of the flux of change, can give birth to a ‘higher’ level method planning, where parameters of change/time are included in the initial description and the basic structure of the form, giving it an integrated response mechanisms and a living entity qualities.

Most importantly, the spontaneous processes of change present a very powerful source of energy. The knowledge that would enable ‘connecting’ the forms with the processes and fluxes that are already in place, would empower in a sense that instead of giving a solutions that are made to withstand the change and in principle work against it, it would present a mean of ‘tapping’ into these resources.

Realizing and implementing this force of change, ie. the flow of matter, will potentially present a very powerful resource, whose occurrence in the architectural practice so far has been seen more along the lines of the external conditions, a sort of a consequence, rather than seeing it as a very potent source.

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