Art Fund Pavilion competition submission





Parametric pavilion modelled in rhino + grasshopper.

I started the whole pavilion with 5 curbs (that will be lofted) and a grid of perpendicular lines (that will make the ribs of the pavilion).


The build-up (essentialy creating the ribs with adjustable parameters) was made with grasshopper.

gsh schematic

And the final frame looks as below


The whole thing was eventually exported to 3d Studio and rendered with vray as this is my favorit combination to render.

You will see that the grasshopper definition is far from short as I did not manage to get the result in any other way.

Here is at last a link to the GH file

As I commented below, this is far from pretty as I ran short of time for the competition and had to get a result.. So any suggestion to make this smarter is welcome!

Once modelled with Rhino, I exported the model to 3d Studio and rendered all with vray. You can download the scene here


49 responses to “Art Fund Pavilion competition submission

    • Hi STU. Thanks. I am really sorry for the late reply. Here is the text below. Any question, please feel free to ask


      The concept of the pavilion is to experiment with a developmental pattern in the evolution of an organism, to let spontaneous forces go without mediation. This results into an organic structure that wraps itself with a protective membrane. The skin (i.e. membrane) reveals life from the skeleton.

      The pavilion is now one creature dipped in the real bio mass. The inside glow (i.e. internal lighting) reveals a pulsating organism into the night. The permanent incompletion is the evolutionary change that rejects the idea of a prediction about its form of growth

      Technical – wood frame & reactive skin

      The structure of the pavilion is a plywood frame assembled into ribs-like elements. The base structure of the pavilion is a 200mm x 400mm perpendicular grid. Ribs depth & thickness are integral and adjustable parameters of the model and adjust according to constrains (evolutionary change).

      Each rib is a flat panel on a vertical plane (world z axis). All elements are planar & parallel on each x or y axis. Therefore all ribs intersect perpendicularly. Each element is given a unique id. The structure can be sent straight to digital production and cnc technology with all connections also cnc routed. Once all the pieces are cut, units can be preassembled in factory.

      The reactive skin is a high-tech teflon membrane protecting the structure designed to react to changing light conditions. Its primary element is a honeycomb cell that optimises wrapping capabilities and semi-rigidity. It is flexible, wraps like a cloth, and can be folded.”


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    • Hi Behrang. Many thanks. Well the Pavilion is made of 2 essential components : the plywood structure + a Teflon skin to protect it from the elements. The idea of the skin is also to give extremely difrent feels of the pavilion between daytime and nighttime. I just replied to STU and included the all description now readable.
      The ply ribs simply intersect 1/2-1/2 and perpendicularly. The main idea was to keep the construction very simple and to get the maximum effect.

  2. May you send me the Grasshopper definition along with the Rhino file. I would really like to dissect it apart.

    • did you resieve the Rhino + grasshopper file?
      i would like to see it asswell… 🙂

      could you sent me it too?

  3. did you generate the curves with the grasshopper or did you draw them in rhino before building the definition?

    i am new at grasshopper and trying to generate some curves parametrically in grasshopper for a similar project. if it is possible can i take a look at the definition file?

  4. Hi, i´m new with grasshopper, and i would like see the definition.

    Could you please send it to me? Thank you. 😉

    [sorry for my english]

  5. Hey,

    Some really nice images and it looks like a cool project. i’ve recently gotten into rib structures, i probably think about them a little bit too much. My girlfriend is worried…

    Would it be possible to have a look at your definition, im new to grasshopper and i’ve been using paracloud quite a bit for ribs, but the ribs it genetates are non-planar, and curve a lot, which isn’t what i want really… would appreciuate it greatly! my email is


    • Thanks for this. Well here is the link for both files. You will see it’s not sophisticated. I seriously got into deep thoughts to make this shorter and smarter.. As usual ran out of time and had to repeat loads of operations manually to get to the result

  6. Wow! Great!

    I’m studying the rhino3d with grasshopper.
    Your work is really nice. If it is possible, I would like know how to generate such parts by using grasshopper. Thank you.

  7. files r all good. thanks for sharing.

    any tips on the sweet rendering you accomplished. all done w/ the vray files/materials w/ the pavillion, or other setting? shoot me an email if you’d rather discuss privately.


    • Hi Stu,

      Just added a link in the post to download the complete scene (Max file archived & zipped) I generally like to use 3d Studio + Vray to set-up scenes and render in a relatively quick way. Enjoy!

      • so you model in rhino, then take to 3d studio (not sure what software that is?) and render in it w/ v-ray?

        why not just do Rhino + Vray?

  8. so you model in rhino, then take to 3d studio (not sure what software that is?) and render in it w/ v-ray? why not just do Rhino + Vray?

  9. Hi

    I think this pavillion is great! I’m trying to generate something similar but i can’t seem to get it happening in Grasshopper. When i select the curves to loft it just generates something crazy.

    A big request could you talk me through how to do it step by step?

    Thank you

    • Hi Francis,

      I also sometimes get unexpected results while lofting multiples curves in rhino or even grasshopper (like lofting in the wrong order or inside/out). When askedto select the curves in grasshopper, I would try making sure you select them one after the otherin the rhino viewport . If this still doesn’t work, try right clicking the loft module in GS and try the different lofting options to see if you get better results.


  10. Hi im a final year interior design student and im wanting to use your pavilion as the site for my final major project. The program i use is 3ds max and i was wondering if you be able to upload a post of your file in this format so i can download. I’ve tried downloading the posts you have already uploaded but i dont have the programs to open them in/ or when i try to open pavilion scene file it says ‘this drop is empty’.
    I’d eally appreciate any help.

    • Hi,

      No problem. The 3dsmax file is the panelionscene drop. Not working at the moment for some reason. Looking at it now.

      • Any chance you could upload the 3d studio scene file again so im able to download it into studio max. Really really want to be able to use your design for my site!The only files i am able to download are grasshopper and rhino format which i dont have. Would really appreciate your help.


      • Thats amazing thank you so much you really have helped me out big time. Seriously thank you very much. Big weight off my mind now and i can get on with my project, Thank you !!!!!

  11. Thanks for getting back to me. For some reason the file you put up wont open in studio max. Is it in 3d studio max format or 3d scene i didnt specify very well sorry. For me to use it as my site i need to be able to get some plans for it to use in autocad. It would be great if i can open the file in studio max but if you dont have it in that format then do you have any plans and a section i could use. Sorry to be hassling you i just really like the design and would like to be able to use it for my project.

    Thanks again

  12. I am very interested in your research. The definition download is not active anymore. Would you be able to rehost the rhino version of the project?

  13. Hello Pierre.. I am trying to download the grasshopper file for some days now.. i get the following message: “The file has reached its download limit. Files in non-premium drops can only be downloaded 1000 times, both to prevent abuse and because at very high download rates our service becomes prohibitively expensive. If you need to download this file, ask the drop’s administrator to remove this download limit by upgrading this drop, either through manager or a one-time upgrade.”
    i would be trully thankfull if u could send it to me on mail ( or maybe upload it on a different address for sharring..

    thank u verry much


  14. nice work
    great post tutorial
    i couldn’t download the grasshopper file because of has prevented downloading it

    could you please send me the definition on my email on post a new link for it??

    • To Bernd and all,

      I will put the files back online as soon as I retrieve the originals back. Sorry for the delay


  15. thanks alot fo this post , but i would like to know how to apply it to the lofted shape .. i dragged the grasshopper file to rhino but i cant get the result .. plz can you say how to apply it to my buildings ?

  16. Hi, I figured out a way to eliminate the fixed grid in the rhino model. Now you can adjust the number of ribs to your taste(both x & y axis). I have a slight problem though. Connecting some of the other parts of the grasshopper commands is proving difficult as I’m still trying to understand the script. Download it from the link below.


    • Hmm… looks like your file has been sucked into the U.S. FBI vacuum with their investigation of megaupload. Any chance to of re-posting it to some other site like

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